I am 32 years old, married to my handsome and most understanding husband who is 38. We have been together for 14 years and wiating expectedly for the most precious gift of life ‘Children’ for the past 9 years. We met at college, and dated for a few years before we were engaged and tied the knot.

Starting a family has always been in our plans, we were going to start a family a year or so after we get married. We have been trying for a baby since June 2002. Although a year went by and we still were not pregnant, at that moment I did not stress much about it (though I wasn’t on any BCP and had never been on any- always used condoms – TMI), I continued to believe it will happen soon. Two years later, we were a little concerned, but focus was on building our careers and we were not financially sound to even consider other alternatives, so we continued visiting my Gyn who prescribled some Clomid and taking herbal supplements. It was only in the 4th year that we started seeing a FS.  After the usual tests and Lap, I was told all looks Ok and as for DH, he has a low count.  Needless to say, the journey began… (see History).

My intention with this blog is to express my feelings and record my experiences on this journey and life in general; share some words of hope and comfort from the word of God with individuals in the same/similar boat and also use this platform to grow, and have others grow with me. With the above said, I invite you to join me on this journey to victory for me and you!


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