Another BFN

Thus what I got this morning in bold letters on Clearblue Digital (NOT PREGNANT) which is supposedly very sensitive. Did I give up, NO, NO, NO, not someone who is desperate for a child. I found all reasons to convince myself to go for a blood test. I dragged myself to the nearest lab, and when asked whether a qualitative or quantitative one I said ‘just to confirm’ so they did the qualitative. I only realised when getting the results (which still said NEGATIVE by the way) that they did the qualitative.  My heart was racing while the lady was printing the results, and before she could give it to me in hand I had already seen the BFN… Aaaah… can’t even cry, just picked a fight with poor DH -misdirected anger. Shame, poor man!

I am still cramping and have sharp pains on my right ovary its getting quite uncomfortable and I cant stand the pain anymore, so I called my FS’s office and begged for an urgent appointment, luckily they were able to squeeze me in tomorrow at 10h00. Yeepeee, hopefully he will take me out of my misery, I want to know what’s happening.

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