Missing in Action

AF has not shown her ugly face, its CD31 and no show Aaagh…. She normally shows her face on CD26 or CD28. I have waited anxiously since Friday and past Friday started day dreaming of the possibilities. Could this be it… that we are PREGNANT? I told DH that she is missing in action and I could see the hope in his eyes. My imagination has been running wild; I planned the nursery, selected a few names, planned how I will inform my friends and family and how I was going to confirm it for DH, oh, the whole nine yards! UNTIL this morning when I decided to POAS and a Big Fat Negative(BFN) starred at me. Oogh… how cruel. I didn’t even have the energy to inform DH, I just threw it away. Now I am back to worrying why AF is missing.

Needless to say last week I booked our next appointment with FS on 25 April 2013. This came about after I tried to convince DH that we should start in the next cycle (referring to this one that I am still awaiting AF for) but he mantained that we should try in June/July because of our other financial committments. Although I agree with what he said, that feels too far, though realistically we couldn’t have even gotten an appointment with FS so soon.  Waiting…waiting…waiting… I am sick and tired of this waiting game… and now I wait for AF…

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