There is NO Failure Until you STOP Trying


This is the heap of some IVF meds and needles that I have been through these past years. As I looked at it, I thought “I’ve been through so much and am still empty handed, WHY should I STOP”. I resolved that we will make all efforts to hold that bundle of joy in our arms, trusting in GOD for that miracle because whichever way we end up with a baby, it surely will be a MIRACLE.

Thoughts of the next (IVF No 7) have started creeping into my mind. I casually asked DH what his thoughts were and he seems to also be considering it. Ideally, we thought it should be sometime in June/July when I am on my study break. Sad how today when I thought of it, I suddenly felt scared that what’s the point because my body will simply fail me, either by not producing the eggs/quality eggs or my womb will simply kill the embryos.  Although I understand why I would think that way it saddens me and I now know that this is an area I need to renew my mind and start trusting my body because I am wonderfully and fearfully made by God as he states in Psalms 139 (NIV); 14 “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well”.

I can’t give up, I wont give in, I will fight on for I believe Victory is Ours!

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One Response to There is NO Failure Until you STOP Trying

  1. Please look at my blog I have suffered with Endometriosis for a very long time and I have started a blog writing about how it has effected my fertility and about my 1st course of IVF. Hope this helps other find the reason for their pain and to help others going through IVF.

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