Ready, Set, Go!

I went to fetch my meds yesterday, and just being in that clinic made me ‘sick’. Eachtime I have been there I have believed it’s the last time. I pray this time around will be the last, last time. “God please make this the last time by making us pregnant in this cycle”. The sister at the clinic was so nice to me, she even said she prays this time around we get pregnant. It’s in the way she said it and I greatly appreciate that.  

I am starting on the Short Flair Protocol ( Lucrin, Fostimon, Menonys, Merticotine, Citrotide,  Norditropin , and a whole lot other meds). Most of these are in high doses, the sister even said they are throwing in anything possible. That just breaks my heart, but I still hope and pray it works. I had my 1st shot of Norditropin yesterday and this time around I have to buy 3 of the 1.5ml, so the cost is quite substantial and we hadn’t budgeted for this. AF started today, therefore I will be starting my stims tomorrow 18h00.

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One Response to Ready, Set, Go!

  1. Courtney says:

    I just found your blog through Stirrup Queen’s list of blogs. I am praying too that this cycle works for you. =)

    I am currently attempting my first IVF after almost 2 years of IF.

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